5 things you should do while in college

  1. Get involved in a club/out of school activity

This one may seem like a given. But heed my warning when I say, you only go through college the first time (once). As weird as that sounds it is another way of saying have no regrets when going to College. It is meant to be a new experience and how will you learn anything if you do not challenge yourself to go out of your comfort zone. It is also a great way to connect and expand your friendships. This includes finding those who share your similar interests! Clubs are a great way to connect and really find things in common with others just like you. Or even people not like you. You will find that meeting and hanging with different people from different backgrounds will round you out a lot more. For example, the “spin until you can’t spin no more” club could be full of interesting bums you’d never think twice about meeting before. Go, go give it a try.

  1. Start a journal, read a book and take pictures 

I’m going to be 100% honest when I say that either you or someone you know is going to do something dumb and everyone is going to want it on camera. And I mean, Everyone. Either that or you can just take as many as you can because these are going to be good times and you will want to remember them. I say start a journal or get into a book series because you are going to be amazed at the vast amount of time on your hands. For the first time in your life unless you are working full time outside of school (poor bastards) that you can wake up on, say a Tuesday and have nothing planned. This freedom is fun and can even be overwhelming, so it may be nice to have something to settle down on and get in a rhythm with such as journal writing or reading a book. It is also good for internal reflection, since you will be changing in this time more than at any other time in your life, it will greatly benefit you to chart your journey like Lewis and Clark. It can also be a good stress reliever, since you WILL be stressed out of your mind at times and need some escape.

  1. Create and maintain a LinkedIn account / Make friends with a professor

Want to add something to the world? Do you want to speak your mind or even show what you are all about? Keep in mind that the professional world is just around the corner and there is no better way to show you are hoping on that ‘digital train’ than by getting a LinkedIn account. LinkedIn is the perfect start for a college student to start making connections with people in and out of the professional world. In addition, make sure you become friends with a few professors in your department (or even out of it) along the way. Your professors are the ones that usually know the most business professionals and that can save you a lot of time and stress. Trust me, you will be surprised at how famous your Profs truly are. (I’m talking between Morgan Freeman and Jamie Moyer status)

  1. Do something you have never done before

You must, must, MUST do this one. Even if you do just one thing take a chance dammit! Odds are you are going to be doing new things constantly since this may be your first time living alone and cooking alone. So get out there and break out of your old high school or community college routine. My strategy is never make days blend together, try to have at least one time during the day you can look back on and just think “well, I’ve never done that before”.

  1. Stop worrying about life after College (actually stop worrying period) 

This one seems self-explanatory but it is true! College is the time to make mistakes and ride or even ‘drive the struggle bus’ at times. There will be times where you just have to laugh at how bad things have gotten and realize that it cannot get any worse than this. Life is short and why spend it sad and mopey(As much fun as being sad and mopey is)? The days go by and you can either make someone’s day or just be another leaf floating down a river. I like to think about when I am having a really bad day, and then getting into a real good conversation with a total stranger all because of a smile. It really changed my day and made me think, I want to do that to someone else to. It can be so overwhelming at times but just remember that even if you are the 10th or 1st person in your family to attend college it is quite an achievement just being there! Pat yourself on the back and smile about it. Happiness is contagious, even laughing. Think about that.

6. Put. The phone. Away. (SURPRISE!) 

Take your phone in your right hand. Lift it high into the air. And then swiftly put it into your pocket. Now look around the world and see how beautiful it is. Do this from time to time. It will make you see more than you did before. Hell your future someone could be across the street and you can’t see them because you are on level 12 of ‘top hat cat jumpy game’. I can’t stress this enough. Put it away.


Austin Sweeney is a Marketing Major from Western Washington University. His focus has been in Marketing Communications and Strategies.     Job offers feel free to contact at austinlsweeney@gmail.com


How to write a Good Resume fresh off of college | Do’s and Dont’s 


1. Have a base resume(s)

Have about 1-2 base resumes that are cut and clean and need minimal but not much editing per job submission. Resumes should be written for the general job industry you want to go into.

2. Tailor your CV (Cover Letter) for each job 

The real editing happens here. Even slightly. Make sure that your CV matches up with the job posting requirements. Their job requirements should be the rubric for your CV.

3. Change your point of view 

Instead of “this is my dream job I do a, b, and c.” Write “I can offer your company value because of x, y and z”. You are writing to the person in human resources. They have a job, they want someone who is good for their company. Think about that.

4. A little is a lot 

It’s ok to not have real related job experience. The lucky few did during college. Keep it brief: education, professional summary, value proposition, awards/community service. A clean non wordy resume sometimes shines brightest. Just kill it in the interview.

5. Numbers talk 

If you can add in some numbers or specs. Like increased sales 30% or attendance/traffic went up by 15 people. It speakers volumes and helps HR visualize your accomplishments.

6. Referrals for Days 

People are 30-50% more likely to get a job if they know someone who knows someone. Networking is half the battle (Hence internships). If you put down a name of someone you or someone else close to you knows who works for the company, you are golden.

7. Link to social media 

LinkedIn or your own website is a must. You want show that little extra you put into creating your digital profile. It also shows recent professionalism.

8. Save it as the right type of file

Most of the time they will tell you what they want. My advice would be to go with a PDF. This is because a PDF does not highlight and underline all the weird words it sees like a Doc (your last name). Either way, this seems like a small detail, but it makes a huge impact on the person reading it.


1. Put your GPA 

 Unless it is 4.0 it is not going to set u apart from the rest. Leave it out. There are better things you want HR to pay attention to.

2. Put anything school related before college 

This is up to you, but classes or clubs you were part of in high school helped when u were applying for college. Not jobs. Unless it’s something amazing that lines up with job exactly. Keep it out.

3. Use pronouns / abbreviated words 

I, me, you, he, she , it  don’t, can’t, won’t etc.Talk in the 3rd person like “guided marketing plan for project A”. Never say “I did this and I did that”. This is because its unnecessary. They know it is you, and you know it was you. Leave it out.

4. Grammar errors 

It is two pages. Keep it clean and free of all errors. Mistakes are the first and quickest way HR weeds out resumes.

Remember above all it varies from job posting to job posting. Some may be different than others. This is not a “absolute” guide. Just something to think about before just attacking resumes at random.

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What I can do for you as your Digital Marketer?

You may as well look up from that resume as I sit here before you because, I know what your thinking. You are thinking “here comes another college student, fresh off graduation, with little to offer me except hours of wasted time training him”. Well in many cases you are right, but not so much with me. You see, I have spent lots of time learning about digital marketing and even more time writing about it, and reading about it. Vast amounts of information have passed before my eyes and most of it has hit home for me. I understand concepts like inbound marketing, how you should create good content just for the sake of good content and that many will love you for it. I know that social media strategy and SEO can take a company a long way. I know that SEO is not everything to a company and that customers are. I know that relationships trump success. I know that when you are genuine and kind and responsible, most of the time, people recognize that. In a society so focused on self worth and how “I” is said more that “me” or “you”, it is almost a diamond in the sand to have a company that says “you” more than ‘we”. A company that truly sees each customer as a person and an individual with interests and desires of their own. Not a mass of rabble just to be mined for what their worth and then tossed aside. So if you ask what can I do, I can analyze customer behaviors with Google Analytics once I learn more about it. I understand the basic concepts and I bet that I can pick it up faster than anyone else you have taught before. I can search and understand why customers may not be visiting your companies blogs as often or running away from your website. Digital Marketing has taught me not to accept answers that only answer the question. But to ask more questions then there are answers for. To never fully be satisfied and to always be changing and adapting to societies needs, to keep a close ear to the door of opportunity and wealth. This blog is probably one of the most sentimental things I have ever written, but you try to listen to “The Balled of Love and Hate” by the Avett Brothers and then try to write something non philosophical.

Either way, I have determination and in depth understanding of many concepts that most people take for granted like blogging, website optimization, coding, mobile vs desktop usage, and target marketing. No one ever says they wished a company talked about themselves more, no one wants more commercials about how GIECO can save you ten percent or more on your car insurance. No they want to see the caveman do stupid things or the Gecko drive a car and talk in that stupid Australian accent.  If you were to ask a group of 100 people weather or not they would like to see a 1 hr talk about the science of dating by stephen hawking or a 1 min video of a cat dancing. I don’t think the answer is hard to think about. In a busy world like this time is essential and time really is money, however, your company does not have to be like that. Work does not always have to be dull and boring, work is what you make it. And if you change your culture or create your company culture to be fun and engaging, the employees will take off in the right direction. Not saying I want to take over your company, but I will offer my opinions and outside view information to you in a way that may sound strange at first, and trust me it is, when I say that I may be a good fit for your company.


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Google Analytics? 

If it is the case that you are having trouble knowing how many people are viewing your website. Or having trouble guesstimating when people are visiting your content online. It’s time for Google analytics. ( Blog on analytics) If it is your goal as a business to become better and more successful, then G analytics is the way to go.

The platform is simple enough.

It pretty much lays out all information: click through rates, links used, views, time spent, goals reached, demographics, geography related info. In an organized and easy to view way. Another feature is that it allows you to filter the data in ways that better compare relevant data to the business owner. Also it lets you know where your visitors are coming from so you can utilize the buyers journey and how well your ads and landing pages are doing.

In this picture you can see if they came from a referral, organic, ad, etc. Google analytics becomes very useful in this way.

If you don’t have a mobile plan, GET ONE!

We already know that the internet is the way of the future. I believe we will rely on it more and more and someday if we are lucky, just because enough people are on Facebook at once, we will create  flying jet packs and be able to zoom around in the sky and thank Mark Zuckerbug for creating social media. Either way, the internet has changed and shaped our society just as much as mobile devices have. Mobile is the new pen pal. Mobile is the new pet that everyone owns and keeps with them everywhere. Even though we are not flying around with jet packs yet, more than that, since there has not been much advances technologically speaking. Mobile usage has skyrocketed and even surpassed desktop usage in some aspects. For two main reasons, One because people usually have their mobile device on them at all times and two, because mobile devices are quick and easier for many to use.

This brings us to the idea of mobile marketing and many sites including Moz, suggest that companies need to get on the mobile marketing train before it leaves town. Not many people understand the amount of time people are spending on their phones could be channeled into some great marketing and money making. Most companies that are even just brick and motor and do not have any online presence at all could benefit greatly from mobile marketing. Since it is the case that mobile users are scanning for some type of content a majority of the time over any other type of usage. Marketers need to understand how important mobile marketing could be. The way to use mobile to your advantage in the words of Moz, is that you need to choose what type of platform to work with, Will it be the same as your desktop or will it be different and there are benefits to both. A large proponent of mobile marketing involves what you wish to accomplish with your webpage.

Hello “profit” how are you doing? Been well?

If you have not had this conversation with profit yet, odds are that you are not using mobile marketing to your advantage. Step up your game and make your mobile marketing the focus if not the second most important thing your company is working on and it will pay off, big time. For the same reason many companies do well that have a strong social media presence. Where are the users spending most of their time? Social media, then follow the bread crumbs and advertise more on Facebook. In the same sense, the amount of time spent and shopping that takes place on mobile is incredible. Companies should ask themselves one simple question. What are my consumer bases doing when they are on their mobile devices? Find out where and what they are doing and what they want and make it everything your webpage is about and I guarantee you will get some more traffic. Optimize, Optimize, Optimize.

Native and programmatic marketing explained 

well basically. When you enter into the world of advertising you are given one of two positions. You could either be someone who creates the content or delivers the content. In a way, programmatic marketing has found a way to navigate it’s way right into the middle of these two jobs and streamlined the process. For the record this is all in theory for programmatic marketing is just a hopeful thought but could very soon be the reality of marketing. 

Programmatic marketing,  is an aputomated process of what already happena manually today. It allows real time bidding of ads that have been created and it makes for an interesting concept. Producers create the content then it gets put up for bidding and distributors and companies bid depending on how well the ad fits within their marketing campaign at the time. Essentially eliminating the human aspect of the distribution process. Imagine just waking up, logging on, and making 4 – 5 winning bids on some Ads then Being done. Also, the ads could be taken evem. Step further and could be made to reach say 500.000 people online or thriugh TV. A distributed could also select how many and possibly what type of person it gets put out too. All with a click of a button. In this way it matters less about three of four big campaigns a year. But ad agencies would truly have to embrace content marketing and just pump out ads faster like its nobodies business. I believe the ad agency with the strongest and largest quality of ads will win in programmatic marketing. For when it comes to inbound marketing, content is always king. The trick here would be to remain in a state of high quality ads at such high turnover and speeds. Fast, easy, simple, programmatic marketing could really change the game. 

If you have ever been watching a video online or reading an article and thought, now is this an ad or is this real life? Well technically it could be both. This is one of the problems and advantages to Native marketing. Marketing that hides itself within the content to seem like normal Content. The problem with native marketing is it has been labeled as deceitful and cheating. Since it can be used in a way that confuses consumers. However the positive side to native marketing is that it is not a normal ad. Often times featuring real people or telling a great story that is enjoyable to watch and pleasent on the ears (if the sound team was on point). Native marketing may not be seen as a good thing today but potentially could be the way of the future as ads move more towards entertainment and story telling (even comedy) to make viewers enjoy Ads. Because it’s always more fun to hear someone saying “oh this is a funny ad” then “damn, this ad again!?” . 


1. I believe coding is an excellent skill for a marketer to have. Why? Because that way it makes them multi-dimensional in the way they perform their job. Instead of just asking the development team to perform tasks they could actually work with the development team and do some of their work for them. It is also nice when someone knows what you are going through and how a certain struggle or job may affect you. In the same sense, it is easier to tell someone to do something or ask for something to be done, when you have completed the task yourself before. When a marketer knows how to code it opens more doors to them then they may have thought was possible before. It also makes them more relate-able to the development department staff.

2. I got to use a website called Codecademy, a great experience that I highly recommend to anyone who wants to know more about coding in a friendly environment. I enjoyed the fact that it was simplified down to a 14 lesson process and covered small steps and concepts with each lesson. It was easy to use and gave me some background knowledge on how to code properly and how terms of HTML, links, and images apply to coding.

3. When I think of wetware computing I think of a computer game in which the graphics represent that of an 80’s music video with checkered squares and geometrical shapes moving around. There is potential for great products to be created in this field. I believe that something that could come from this is a type of liquid that could be used to work with some type of machinery and could be portable and easily stored. Not sure how the liquid form would help and not make things too messy. However, if there was a way to combine the technology today with chemical and wetware computing then we would have something wouldn’t we.